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About Kaalbye Shipping


Kaalbye Shipping International is a private company specializing in Marine Transportation and Vessel Management services. The company was founded in 1995. In the same year the company made a strategic decision to establish an office in Odessa, Ukraine, what quickly became company’s main vessel management hub – Kaalbye Shipping Ukraine.


Odessa is one of the most prominent cities in Ukraine, country’s largest port and cultural center with very deep maritime traditions. Many in the maritime industry are aware that Ukraine in general and Odessa in particular are well known worldwide for its professional maritime labor resources and supply. Kaalbye Shipping is certainly taking an advantage of that feature – all officers and crew onboard company’s vessels consist of highly qualified Ukrainian seamen, selected by company’s own crewing department.


Technical Management is definitely another strong side of Kaalbye Shipping – company’s technical department is staffed by experienced Deck and Engine Officers. All vessels remain under thorough technical supervision and guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year – NO exceptions!


Kaalbye Shipping is determined to KEEP SHIPS AND ENVIRIONMENT SAFE 24/7. This is our mission!

Here is some professional information about Kaalbye Shipping:

  • Company’s International Maritime Organization registration # 5166964
  • Kaalbye Shipping is a member of BIMCO, registration # 119169
  • International Maritime Bureau registration # 824 

Since 1995 Kaalbye Shipping had been offering a variety of services for its clients including but not limited to:

  • Dry cargo
  • Break bulk & Project cargo
  • Dangerous liquid cargo
  • Passenger vessel management & catering

Today, the company still remains a vertically integrated entity, completely self-sufficient, financially sound and professionally staffed. Kaalbye Shipping is proud to continue to remain a safe and responsible marine carrier and vessel manager.